SwissIX and Anapaya partnership overview

Anapaya builds a global B2B focusing network based on SCION (Scalability, Control and Isolation On Nextgeneration networks), a next generation inter-domain routing protocol fit for the 21st century developed by researchers at ETH Zurich and Anapaya over the past decade. SCION replaces BGP for enabled-Service Providers.

The Anapaya offering helps businesses to meet the growing requirements for reliability, security, performance, and compliance in the digital economy caused by the exponential growth of interconnected machines, devices, and people.

Anapaya develops the software technology that powers this next-generation internet and brings it to the market through ecosystem partners and its own network. The global network formed by Anapaya and the partnering ISPs is named the SCION-Internet.

Due to the automatic fail-safe pathing and the ability to lock certain regions or locations from data transmission, the SCION network is more reliable and secure than traditional networking solutions for users around the world. In short, the SCION-Internet provides:

  • More secure connections, totally immune to routing attack like traffic hijacking.
  • Enhance business continuity, thanks to multipathing and protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Policy-based path selection and geofencing to avoid certain jurisdictions and retain data sovereignty.
  • Increase of productivity with  performance selection per application

Through Anapaya Systems, SwissIX participants will be able to enjoy several SCION-centered benefits, such as:

  • One free SCION-port in SwissIX’s core data centers to perform bi-lateral peering or access Anapaya Systems’ transit service (1-to-all-connected) named Anapaya CONNECT.
  • 1Gbps of free best-effort local SCION-transit service, to exchange traffic with all the other SwissIX Participants also attached to Anapaya CONNECT via the SwissIX infrastructure.
  • 10Mbps of free best-effort non-local transit service, to exchange test traffic with all other Participants of the SCION-Internet attached to Anapaya CONNECT outside SwissIX.
  • Free standard support for SCION, 8am to 5pm CET (excluding public holidays in Switzerland / Zurich).
  • Free tutorials to use SCION on SwissIX infrastructure.
  • A yearly free technical workshop entitled “getting SCION running”.
  • A yearly free recommendation on moving from local transit to local bi-lateral peering connections.
  • 100Gbps ports will also be available, for a one-time fee to SwissIX. Readers interested in this option should contact SwissIX directly for more information.

On the Participants page you can find a list of all current SCION Peering participants.