Port Fees

SwissIX has currently no recurring fees for peering via a 1 Gbps port. A yearly membership or participation fee applies to all members or participants (CHF 400.-). Our sponsors made this possible.

SwissIX Peering Pricing (January 1st, 2024):
All rates displayed in CHF excl. VAT.

One-time Setup Fees

Datacenter locationCross ConnectMaximum SpeedSetup Fee
payable to SwissIX
colobern.ch, BernFirst cross-connect setup costs (OTC) sponsored by colobern.ch100G*500.-
colozueri.ch, ZurichFirst cross-connect setup costs (OTC) sponsored by colozueri.ch100G*500.-
Digital Realty, GlattbruggMonthly recurring costs sponsored by Digital Realty100G*1’000.-
Equinix Datacenter 4, Zürichask for a quote at Equinix ServiceDesk100G*1’000.-
Green Datacenter, LupfigCross connect setup costs (OTC) and monthly costs (MRC) sponsored by Green Datacenter100G*500.-
NTT Zurich 1, Ruemlangask for a quote at NTT10G*500.-
Service moves from one to another datacenter cause a Setup Fee.
*Maximum speed available at site for Peering Port Speed and Service as well.

Recurring Fees

Peering Port
Peering Port Fee
Service Fee
Fee Total
payable to SwissIX
1G400.- per year1G400.- per year
10G200.- per month1Go10G 95/5 percentile200.- per month
10G200.- per month10G150.- per month350.- per month
100G750.- per month30Go100G 95/5 percentile450.- per month1’200.- per month
100G750.- per month100G1’000.- per month1’750.- per month
The fees are billed per half year.
  • The first 1G port is included with the membership/participation fee; additional ports are payable.
  • For each paid port (1G on 10G interface and above) at a core site and route server, members and participants can get one free (MRC only!) “redundant port” at a different core site.
  • 95/5 Percentile rules apply:
    3 peaks are allowed over a period of 12 months.  Auto-upgrade applies in case of >3 peaks above 1G (on 10G port) or 30G (on 100G port) bandwidth.
  • Aggregated traffic of all ports must stay below 80% (peak) of the total capacity of all paid ports
  • Termination: Services and/or ports must be ceased with 30 days notice period ahead of the end of the invoice period (year, semester) per email to info@swissix.ch, no early termination (commercially) accepted.
  • Reselling of VLAN services by members and participants is prohibited.

Fibre connections are only single-mode (9/125).

Miscellaneous Fees

ItemOne Time Fee payable to SwissIX
VLAN Service Setup on an existing SwissIX-Port250.-
Downgrade of existing Port or Service speed500.-
Forced Invoicing by Customers via Customer Portals250.- per invoice
International Banking Fee (if international customer misses to transfer full amount as stated on invoice)20.- per invoice

Redundant Ports and Capacity Rules

We encourage our members and participants with port speeds of 1Gbps on 10Gbps interface (burstable) and above to connect to multiple core sites for redundancy. The following rules apply in order to receive one or multiple “redundant ports” at no additional cost:

  • For each paid BGP peering port at a core site, you can get one free “redundant port” at a different core site.
  • Aggregated traffic of all ports must stay below 80% (peak) of the total capacity of all paid ports.
    • E.g. if you order a 10G port in Datacenter A and a 10G backup port in Datacenter B, traffic in sum must stay below 8G. Traffic can be shared amongst the two ports freely as long as the total usage measures below 80%.
  • Auto upgrade applies as stated in the connection agreement

Membership or Participation Fees

Type of membership/participationAnnual fee
Incorporated entities, membership400.-
No VAT ist applied on membership fee.

These fees may change from time to time and if the General Assembly Meeting sees a need for it.

Becoming a Member of SwissIX Internet Exchange makes you a formal member of the SwissIX association. You are entitled to attend and vote in our annual General Assembly Meeting. If you are not interested in becoming part of our community or have difficulties joining an association (for fiscal, legal or whatever reason), you may still become a participant, in which case you are not entitled to attend or vote in our annual General Assembly Meeting. To become a member/participant, please visit our registration page.