Newsletter August 2016

Dear Peers,

the most ambitious hardware infrastructure change in the history of SwissIX has been completed. It has taken us roughly 13 months, from June last year, when the Board has started collecting and discussing technical requirements and specifications to put together a Request for Proposal, until the last week of July, when we finally completed work on the switching infrastructure shortly after we swapped the last chassis in Equinix.

This marks an important milestone, but not the end in our Project SwissIX2020 to professionalize SwissIX operations. SwissIX is comprised of so much more than just a couple of switches.

Some of you may already have noticed the changed look of our invoices. Between lifting and moving around heavy Brocade boxes and not so heavy Christmas trees in December and January we also changed the way our invoices get generated. InvoiceNinja is now taking care of very promptly mailing invoices, reminders and overdue notices. This helps us keeping much better track of and reacting to late payments.

In the coming months we will overhaul our currently openbgpd-based route servers. Among the IXP community BIRD has shown to be the route server of choice for its advanced filtering and control mechanisms. We too will move to deploying BIRD, which will allow us to introduce per-peer-RIBs and strict filtering by well-known routing registries.

Changing to BIRD will result in a much more complex route server configuration, calling for appropriate tools. IXP Manager comes with all the necessary functionality to maintain BIRDs configuration in an IXP environment. We are actively working with the developers of IXP Manager and internally already use it to maintain our member and participant base. Thus we are just one release cycle and a bit of tweaking and skinning away from making IXP Manager available to you. This will be in our focus once BIRD is running.

On the more legal side we are currently working on defining the contractual framework for our operations group. This project is making good progress too and we expect to present more details after the summer.

After our formal General Meeting, which is of course restricted to our members by nature, and our open-attendance Birthday Party (thanks for the sponsoring, Brocade/Inikon) we want to continue our outreach to the community. Since some of you asked for more technical sessions, we have teamed up with SwiNOG to bring to you a joint SwiNOG/SwissIX Beering. Save Monday, September 26, 18.30 CEST in your calendar for a Q&A with peers and beers (and maybe some food, if you want). As with all SwiNOG Beerings we will gather somewhere in Zurich, but exact location is still under discussion; registration details coming soon.

Ulf Kieber