Get connected

SwissIX always welcomes new participants and members - this is a step-by-step procedure how to get connected fast and easy.

  • Prerequisites: You need to have an AS number (Autonomous System) and provider independent IP Address space (PI) or your own Provider Aggregatable address space (PA), at least one C-Class (/24). You don't have to be an LIR of one of the regional internet registries. We do welcome not only ISP's and carriers, but also corporates and content providers.
  • You are explicitly encouraged to register your ASN at This makes your ASN more attractive and easier to peer with for other ASNs.
  • Please read the Connection Agreement. It comes into force as soon as your equipment is physically connected. If you don't agree with it, please do not consider connecting to the SwissIX infrastructure.
  • Please consider to become a member of the SwissIX association (if you would like to become a voting member), otherwise register as participant. Please use registration form for membership/participant registration. Additionally we require your membership/participation and setup fee to be paid in advance for the first year.
  • Select the SwissIX location which suits you best. Please note: You may peer with participants of any location regardless of your own.
  • Not all connection types are available at all locations. See this table for availability:


  100GBaseLR4 10GBaseLR 10GBaseBX 1000BaseLX 1000BaseBX10
Green Datacenter (Lupfig)

•: available

We kindly ask you to completely fill out the registration form and send it signed via e-mail to

Please follow the instructions of your individual locations in the site specific notes.


Datacenter Reseller

To connect at a datacenter reseller please contact the datacenter direclty:

Datacenter Location Contact
IWB Basel Basel