Port Fees

SwissIX has currently no recurring fees for the first 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps port, only a small yearly membership or participation fee. 10 Gbps ports have a port fee of 750 CHF/month; 100 Gbps ports come at 2600 CHF/month. Our sponsors made this possible along with the volunteer work of our board members and several others too. Thank you!

Our pricing in detail (July 1st, 2018):

  • first 100 Mbps/1 Gbps port is free
  • first 10 Gbps port is CHF 750 MRC
  • any additional 100 Mbps/1 Gbps/10 Gbps port comes at CHF 400 MRC
  • 100 Gbps ports are CHF 2600 MRC (Setup cost has to be quoted)



Cabling cost

Setup fee
payable to SwissIX

Max. portspeed available1), Zürich

none, sponsored by

CHF 500.00

100 Gbps (connection & bandwidth)

e-shelter, Ruemlang

ask for a quote at e-shelter

CHF 500.00

100 Gbps (connection & bandwidth)

Equinix Datacenter 4, Zurich

ask for a quote at Equinix ServiceDesk

CHF 500.00

100 Gbps (connection & bandwidth)

InterXion, Glattbrugg

MRC sponsored by InterXion

CHF 1000.00

100 Gbps (connection & bandwidth), Pratteln

none, sponsored by

CHF 500.00

1 Gbps (connection), 100 Mbps (bandwidth), Bern

none, sponsored by

CHF 500.00

1 Gbps (connection), 100 Mbps (bandwidth)

IWB, Basel

ask for a quote at IWB

CHF 500.00

1 Gbps (connection), 100 Mbps (bandwitdh)

1) For 1 Gbps connections please ask if copper or fibre interfaces are available. Infrastructure is different in all locations. Fibre connections are only singlemode (9/125).

Redundant Ports

We encourage our members and participants with port speeds of 10 Gbps and above to connect to multiple core sites for redundancy reasons.
The following rules apply in order to receive one or multiple "redundant ports" at no additional cost:

  • For each paid port (10 Gbps and above) you can get one free "redundant port" at a different core site.
  • Aggregated traffic of all ports must stay below 80% (peak) of the total capacity of all paid ports.


Membership or Participation Fees

Type of membership/participation Annual fee
Incorporated entities, membership CHF 400
Incorporated entities, participation CHF 400

These fees may change if the general meeting sees a need.

Please note: Membership/participation fees apply to all connected parties. Becoming a Member of SwissIX makes you a formal member of the SwissIX association, you are entitled to attend and vote in our annual General Meeting. If you are not interested in becoming part of our community or have difficulties joining an association (for fiscal, legal or whatever reason) you may still become a participant, in which case you are not entitled to attend or vote in our annual General Meeting. To become a member/participant, please visit our registration application.